Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain rides

Into the rain, I venture. It's pouring and I know I'll get wet, but I'm in it now, I'm covered by it so I might as well stay. I decide I'm cycling to the reservoir over 20 km away. Sure, a little crazy in a sudden downpour, but I need the escape from being locked inside the fourth floor all day. Flooded streets and passerbys with large umbrellas, I'm soaked. Soaking up the rain in my hair, letting everything loose and pruning fingers, I make it to my destination, a large reservoir. Beautiful with the rain slowly falling, I rest beneath a tree branch. Taking in all the wetness, while it covers my face.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hospital bed

Lost in bed,
head against a pillow.
Wires and tubes and things.

Nothing but bread,
leaning against a white wall.
Foreign static tumbling ear-ward from an overhead TV.

Cards on sheets,
making the feeling run away for a moment.
A run of four and a set of four.

This has happened,
the hospital bed.
Flowers alongside, and greeting cards and notes.

I want this to end,
the hospital bed.
I won't lie against the cold no more.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

An unexpected cycling race

There was a preteen boy racing me on bicycle today. I passed him at first, steady as I go on my long morning rides, seeming no challenge would come from it. Out of nowhere he came whizzing past me, peddling as fast as his little legs could manage. As he did so, he couldn't help but have the biggest smile on his face. He was beating the "wei-guo-ren", the foreigner, and at his own game too. You see, I get all geared up for such rides, tight biking shorts, sleeveless cycling jersey and some dashing gloves and matching helmet...a real sight for the unexpecting local. To add to the thrill of the chase, he was riding probably his first bike, a beaten-up Giant, and with it, his heavy book bag, all the while I was riding a sleek road bike. He had some sort of spurt of energy, some spark in his brain that brought on such spontaneity. He was elated and exuberant in that moment. The sun met us perfectly up in the sky, softening the pores of skin producing sweat for our bodies. As I came creeping towards him, geared up, he kept his ground, quickening his peddle, all the while peeking back to see how close I was to him. The kickstand of his bike was down and shards from it were flying as he wobbled to gain momentum on his old bike. He about lost control once, but regained it haphazardly. I pushed forward and met up with him. Wheel to wheel, we battled to be the fastest. I would get ahead of him, then he would match my strength and pull ahead. All this excitement alongside laughing and smiling the whole way down the hill. I was a kid again, racing to the parking lot for a chance at bragging rights. We soon parted ways, neither of us sure which came out ahead, but we both came out winners with smiles on our faces.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Falling off rocks

There are times where the body leaves itself and finds itself in a place unthinkable. This happened before jumping off the rock last weekend in Kenting (墾丁國家公園). Well, I’m exaggerating when saying I left my body, because part of me thinks I experienced the most realness I’ve felt in a good while. The hitting of flesh against surface. The fear caught up in my throat and the energy surrounding it all leaving me awed. The gentle floating ocean views as I wait for the waves to carry me to shore. It was real and it was bodiless all simultaneously.

The waves crashing on the rock, mist spraying the glance. I look up to see a side-walking crab. He’s dancing alongside the surf, enjoying the pious rock as I climb higher and higher, steady atop the igneous solidification, trying my own side-walk as I crawl up, my claws clambering to find the nearest hole. It’s windy up here and the sea foam is creeping up the walls. I see a pathway towards the top and I follow it. The ledge peaking out, waiting for an adventure seeking visitor.

I make my way up the rock and I’m atop it all. The blue of the sea is crust-covered and I almost lose my balance as I stare into the infinity of turquoise and topaz. I wonder if this could be it, if the sea could take me and I’d forever be trapped inside the waves. I wouldn’t really be upset, if I were to escape inside the rhythm of the waves. It seems calm there and that point where the blue and the white meet right before they crash into the sand and rock is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I could be among that beauty. Lost among the oxidation process and the moon’s eternal tide. I focus again, ready for my leap of faith, into the ocean below.

I creep towards the lip of the rock. I do this slowly, getting down low and maneuvering my body over. I make it to the spot and stand tall. It’s nothing but me and the waves now. I get a sense of their direction, of their movement and drive power. It seems a big wave could simply wipe me out completely. Therefore, I wait a little while to get a sense of the waves. I match the rhythm of the waves to the rhythm of my heart and take it all in. I think of moments past and moments present. Rushing silence enters my body. Releasing everything, I step forward, and float.

The floating is immediately superseded by gravity’s need to pull me in fast, into the dark pool of salt. I hit the surface and raggedy-andy doll it into the disheveled sea, flipping round and losing myself for a second. My limbs detached and the saltwater feels fine. I gain consciousness and my lungs break the surface, taking in the rain-freshened air. I look up at the spot I conquered, a proud moment. Making my way back to the shore, I decided to wait a while and just let the waves push me back in. I am able to ride them sweetly and enjoy the rhythm of the white cap waves.