Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ann Arbor, folks!

Remember me?

I've made it to the Midwest and, boy, life is grand!  Eh?  I'm married and with marriage and commitment comes moves and new beginnings and faith that everything will be fuller.  Adrienne is my partner and she makes everything like lightning.  Decisions will be made here, the future has its 'start' button here. I'm thinking a lot and discovering new things about me while being reminded about the great sense of splendor I have when arriving to a new place!
The sights!  The sounds!  The intrigue!
It reminds me of the days in just finishing undergraduate school, not sure where I'll end up but knowing the adventure will be great.

Things to do in AA:

  • Find a job that suits me well.  Wish for something in int'l ed.
  • Heed the advice of others and listen to their guidance in all things.
  • Learn a language and use it!
  • Learn a recreational skill or activity and practice
  • learn how to play the piano
  • Keep surprising Adrienne
  • Cooking skills refined
    • Meet a butcher, baker and farmer
  • Continue education - Masters?!?

What a beginning!

Ford Lake, MI

Cycling ride over planks and under bridges. Huron River close (you can hear the rushing of water and kayak paddles stroking the surface!) and the kids laugh and laugh and the birds fly on by. Looking left, then right, there's green all around; the willows, firs and maples swaying to and fro, saying their "goodbyes" as I say my "hellos".