Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cosmos Lurkin'

Great Grandma is ninety-two. Her skin wrinkles and tears...or shall I say 'tars". Language to a ninety-two year old is jumbled and messy and low. Chest pain in the esophagus when and after eating, or shall I say "Acid Reflux". Nothing but tars on the finger, tears in the eyes, cracks on the nose and da acid reflux in the 'gus.

She used to watch game shows with her great grandson. He would jump up and down, up and down, yelling "No Whammies, No Whammies" and she would just luf (laugh) and luf in her puffy chair. And he would luf right alongside her, especially when an animated Whammy would come and pour a ton of feathers all over that contestant lady with the red hair, making her lose her prize money.

Great Grandma would care for her great grandson every afternoon after a rambunctious day at Ponderosa Elementary. He would come running, no more kiss tagging during recess, and make it to her doorstep, panting and panting, just so he'd make it in time for the game shows. His mom, being a single mother and all that jazz, had to work long hours at the bank and was gracious for having such an oliving (loving) grandmother. Mostly everyone olived old great grandma, mostly because she would always carry fudge in her pocket, the great grandson always picking off the nuts on top; "Olive you" she would say as she handed over the fudge, alongside a peck of a kiss, a tag he gratefully accepted.

Nowadays, She kir-eyes (cries) and everyone just stars (stares). She kir-eyes saying “I’m afraid of death. What should I do?” Her relatives star and star, mouths sort of half ajar, waiting for her to stop her kir-eyes, not knowing what to say or how to say it. “I guess she’s lost it” people murmur. Her great grandson wipes away her tears, stars right into her eyes, as if running towards the doorstep of her soul. Here, there is luffing in puffy chairs, tons of feathers, and oliving without the nuts on top. Look close enough and hard enough through the stars and the cosmos will form, he thought, some place where the game shows make sense and the winners get the Whammies.