Saturday, July 3, 2010

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Up next on This Brandon Life?

Well, I have recently moved to the southern city of Tainan. Here bodes a place to further invest in my Chinese learning. The plan is to teach/tutor part-time and study Chinese at the local university (National Cheng Kung University) part-time. I have a good set of friends here. Although I'm going to miss the easy small-town feeling of Fengyuan (and the mountains!), I think this place allows growth. My address is 701台南市力行三街5號 (4A, 5 hao, Shili Xing 3 Road, Tainan, Taiwan 701)

As I have not found work yet and am in need of an extension with my Visa, I must go to Bangkok, Thailand to figure it out. To Bangkok! I'm smiling a thousand smiles! On the way, I thought, WHY NOT MAKE THIS INTO AN ADVENTURE??? Thus, I'll be riding a bicycle from Saigon, Vietnam, up to Hoi An, then through to the Central Highlands of Laos, down to the ancient ruins of Ankor Wat, Cambodia, and finally to my destination in Thailand. This will be an approximate 1 month trip as I start school and work early-September. Keep track of my travels with the best travelling-cyclist blog archive around:

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  1. This trip sounds like so much fun. Are you going to camp along the way or what? You've inspired Morgan and me to do some bike touring. We're trying to think of a destination and such. I miss you Brandon. I started writing a letter to you a couple months ago, but I haven't finished it yet. Hopefully I'll send it before you come home (though I have my doubts).