Friday, October 15, 2010

Simple Sanctuary

Stumbling. It happens. There are times where the body, mind and spirit hit a road where the perspective is that things aren't going according to plan. At least from my perspective, that's what happened. I became lost among the darkness, pathways winding this way and that. Then I remembered the younger days, the days of youth that made me happy, the answer seemed too simple. Go towards the brightness, the love exuding through early days of tears. I found it and the sun is shining bright.

I've found sanctuary in a simple place not far from civilization but far enough. It's Mount Pleasant, Utah and it's home. I'm living with my grandparents, one of which I was named after, Henry. When I arrived I immediately felt connected to the place. The changing colouring trees attracted every pore of my body, the fleshy yellows, oranges, reds beaming as if from a setting sun. The animals too seem to welcome me; white-tailed deer and small sparrows fluttering by and by. Tdwee-tdwweep. I'm amazed by the calmness it all eludes. Yes, I miss the sounds of streets and the go-go-go of city life. But for me, it's an escape from complexity and a focus on simplicity, a good thing.

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