Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome Washington DC

The thick air exhausted me as I exited the plane.  The sky feels like it's closing in on me.  Dripping down my body until the pores on my skin have nothing else to do but spill over, my hand wiping the excess away.  Beyond the heat and humidity, I toughened up letting the thick air rest upon my shoulders.  I dug my feet into the ground and stepped towards an open curtain, the theatrical production being that of one I haven't memorized yet, in fact, I was just jumping in on the one-act, improvising my next move, but excited for the adventure to begin.

I left the airport, bags in hand, well, three bags and one box (with my bike in it!).  I crept upon the taxi line, not sure whether such an excess amount of baggage could fit into one of the small four-door taxis.  They hailed a van for me, "they" being the taxi valet.  I put my things in, careful not to shift the taxi's broken back handle.  The driver was silent, a black man with a grey crispy beard.  I was tired and was comfortable to keeping silent.  The drive was pleasant, passing overgrown trees and brick fences.  I stared out the window, each moving thing creating a slideshow in my brain.   The history coming alive in front of my eyes.  I saw the Washington Monument in the background, the spire jetting up like a giant thumb, pointing towards our destination.  Things meshed together, things came fast and went fast. The age of the city was evident while modern elements took me by surprise; the rubbed-down marble stone next to the torn down billboards gave contrast to the outstretching vale of green and grey.  It was magical and moving to be in such a place, "The Nation's Capital".  I remember hearing the flight attendant saying that as I exited the plane.  I also remember myself repeating it, saying to my self, "I am at the Nation's Capital.  Outstanding!"

Upon arriving to the apartments, I felt a new sense of energy.  Our doorman, Harold I think his name was, tried rushing over to help me with my things but spilled his coffee because of my startled entrance.  He eventually cleaned up and helped me along my way, giving me a key to the room, a key to the building and a key to my mailbox.  I was shown up to my room, with a grand tour of the building.  I guess I was the only one to receive this grand tour because people in my intern cohort continue to ask me where things are or what we can do. I unpacked my things and set everything precisely in it's place.  The previous tenants had left some food in the pantry, so I likened to the New England Clam Chowder and ate it for myself, partly in celebration for being close enough to New England that it was just as good as tasting it.  Yum!

After my meal, I was off on a bike ride.  I grabbed the reins of my bike and took off, riding up Van Ness Avenue until I decided to take a left, turning into a right, turning into a left, then deciding I was lost for the first time in this new home of mine.  I heard chirping in the trees and the thick air seemed thicker now that I was perspiring in it.  I ran into spots fit to remember:  Old houses with father's playing with children, tennis courts being used with eager tennis players, and on the corner of Wisconsin and Macomb, I found a restaurant that was packed with people.  It's name was Cactus Cantina, I guess a favorite of former VP Dick Cheney.  ha.  I've decided that I must go there to eat someday soon.  The enchiladas looked divine.  I eventually, after doing many U-turns found myself on Connecticut Ave, the one that eventually leads right to my apartment on Van Ness.   I arrived back exhausted and ready for sleep.  My bed was made and I was ready for my first night's rest in the Nation's Capital.

'Til tomorrow.  Adieu.  


  1. Wow! that looks like the same place we took you & Lindsey. I know that's one of your favorites! Can't wait to watch for your blog. We will miss you but this will help all of us to know how you are doing. We love you Brandon, Have an awesome Day.
    Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Hello Brandon,

    Now I know what a blog is. I didn't know what an interesting , entertaining writer you are. Thanks for letting us expirience Washington DC through your eyes. Good thing you found your way back to your apartment. Interesting what you found while being lost. Got to go draw some blood.
    Love ute

  3. Hi Buddy, Just finished reading about your first day in DC. Thanks again for doing this and keeping a journal of your journey. You are so talented in the way you express your self. Take Care & We will keep up with the story. Gotta go , your great Uncle Mack, Aunt Nema < Uncle Bud ( John Lloyd) and Aunt Bobbie are coming for a couple of days. It will be fun for your great grandparents to see them too. Love you Awma

  4. I like your writing style.


  5. I too like your writing style. So astute and enlightening. I felt myself seeping into your new world and enjoying it through you.

    I am so proud of you. I appreciate you. I am so anxious to see where your exploration takes you and so very interested in your conclusions.

    Grandpa Don

  6. I love the cactus cantina! I ate there with Kaysha and my mom during a HUGE snow storm the night before my interview. Is it right across from the big cathedral? Kaysh said the pizza place next door is to die's usually a huge line! Check it out! :)