Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 predictions

There is no denying that life is what you make it. While a new year's dawn has come and gone, I stand here thinking about what this year, 2010, will bring. This thought was heightened while listening to a recent edition of This American Life.

It's difficult to do, plan a year out like it can be scheduled with a red mark on this date and a deep tear on this date, rather it comes at me with striking, random proficiency. I am here ready to take what comes and can only hope to push it in a direction worth living, making life what I want to make it. I can assure myself that this year will bring happiness. I can guarantee it will bring disappointment. I can promise there will be good days and bad days and that the wind will blow when I least expect it to. That the butterflies will play in the field of flowers and I'll be the watcher. These things happen year in and year out. What I hope to make this year, a prediction of sorts, is a pathway made by general goals in which to strive closer to each dying day. I planned these out a while back, and each year I strive to make these structural platforms sturdy for a future foundation, the grout in which to lay the plaster and walls, and perhaps even a home someday. Pickled and postured these goals lie down, the ending uncertain. I'll find a way to accomplish what I know of them now, although I know they evolve and morph; through blood and sweat, running and cowering at times, I'll assure even you, the reader, that they stay within the crevices of my mind.

Goals for 2010. Goals for the future, for life.

- Walk a road and don't be unsure of its path. Just walk it and feel the pavement under your feet. Be okay with the destination. You're sure to make it.

- Ensure a good wellness, both inside and out. Run up sidewalks, bike up mountains, and do whatever makes you happy. Jump for joy at midnight and kiss softly the reflection of the moon in your pillow.

- Make sweet the sound of your voice. Explore your mind through writing and speaking. Be comfortable with yourself and let your voice be heard. Try radio or create some sort of tangible object to encase your creativity.

- Build a story through words, spoken or written, and publish it!

- Build relationships. Expose yourself and others will do the same. Love and others will love. Don't be distracted by self-doubt or insecurity.

- Explore the world and listen to your heart. Don't be afraid of the unknown. Release your inhibitions and fly with the wind.

- Make small talk with someone you don't know. Try it everyday. Just bring up something worth talking about; the weather, their nice smile, that button that sparkles on their blouse, just do it and rewards will offer themselves, I'm sure.

- Don't be distracted by others. Ensure that people are on your side before investing further. Open yourself but keep the eyes on the prize.

- Explore the wooded places and swim in the lakes. Feel the tree bark rough against your hand. Let the stream water lull you to sleep. See the sunrise every morning and take the deepest breath you've ever had.

- Make a story for yourself and live that story. Improve on chapters lived and make the ending fantastic.

From Brandon Henry to Brandon Henry. Good night.

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  1. Wow, Brandon what a journey you are on. I know you will obtain your goals. We need to set up a time to Skype. Miss seeing your sleepy eyes. Love you AWMA