Monday, January 25, 2010

Biking into the tunnel

I biked with Thomas again on Sunday. We sprang forth in mid-afternoon towards Taiwan's longest tunnel (Caoling suìdào) and ventured on through to Fulong. It was an awarding bike ride that eventually led us to a Hakka (Taiwanese aboriginal culture) festival with a bridge called "Lover's Bridge".

After that we ventured further onwards towards a huge Mango Tree that has been around for 100+ years. Waiting for us was this darling elderly woman who had a good conversation with Thomas about how she loves to pick the mangoes up in May and eat them up after the mighty wind hurls them towards the green Earth. She also told us that it is okay to climb to get the fruit. I'll definitely be back here for prime Mango season.

To end our journey, we went back to the flower field so I could make a quick sketch of the scenery (I've been trying to draw a quick something every Sunday). I spotted this sign which reads: "You need to cherish me because the flowers are smiling at you." I smiled back at them gratefully.

Here is a vid:


  1. That is so cool! My best friends when they visited my friend Katy while she was in Taiwan almost died in that tunnel because of a faulty front tire. Seeing the picture of its entrance (or exit) just adds a little bit more to their crazy adventure. You have an old soul btw :).

  2. Hi Mr Peabody or should I say Mr. Bray Bray You are so amazing as a teacher. Thank you again & again for having this blog. We need to Skype again. I love you! CPS!